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  • Check out National Forest Week, September 21st – 27th, 2014!

    The fun starts September 21st! With exciting events from forest walks to tree planting to logging history, there are so many ways to celebrate the forest and Canada’s forest industry! Learn what you can do to be part of a responsible, sustainable forest culture! Find out which forestry jobs are in demand! And don’t forget National Tree Day on Wednesday, September 24th!

    For the little ones, the Association of BC Forest Professionals & the Truck Loggers Association present the National Forest Week 2014 Art Contest for Kids. There is also a National Forest Week 2014 Photo Contest! To enter: take a photo of a tree, lake, animal, river, or part of the province.

    Show your pride in Canada’s beautiful forests and flourishing forest industry!


  • Working with the forest sector, I have had the opportunity to show the story behind the industry, from seeds to seedlings to the forest itself. Just like growing trees, forestry branches out to work with other industries from the resource sector to manufacturing to transportations, and even as far as design, providing a visual look at forestry in British Columbia.


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  • Yes some great history spoken about here. What remains for wildlife corridors, endangered species (both flora and fauna) and old growth forests ? We continue to face increasing challenges – fire, blight , bugs , and a depletion of old growth . New sustainable harvest methods from living forests need to be introduced. There are many jobs in added value, restoration, mushrooms, and medicinals – just waiting to replace removal methods.

    • Agreed, a long history -- as well as a great modern sector today that takes steps to meet the challenges we all face as a society.  Here’s some examples of how forestry is doing it in coastal BC (from the Our Environment section of the website):  BC’s sustainable forest management and building a future now with even more added value goods.  Thanks for dropping us a line! Coast Forest